Travelling the world by bike

Petes is proud to be one of the newest Bike Friday dealers offering the best folding bikes for travel. Not all folding bikes are created equal. Some bikes fold easily but are no fun to ride.  Some bikes ride well but are no fun to fold.  Some bikes are no fun to ride and no fun to fold.

And then there is Bike Friday. Designed and built in Eugene, Oregon by active cycling and touring enthusiasts whose mission closely resembles ours here at Pete’s – offer the best cycling solutions to help eliminate the need for a car. We have long been known for high quality, highly reliable electric bikes, both folding and not.


Now we can offer our customers a non-electric option that they can easily fold up, pack into a standard size Samsonite suitcase and travel the world.  Not long ago I took my Bike Friday New World Tourist to New York City.  I never took the subway, a cab or a car anywhere.  I rode all over the city and got places faster than I could have any other way.

I saw parts of the city one would never see any other way.  In short, I had a blast exploring the city on a bike and was able to do business as usual without the headaches of getting around by car, cab or subway.  Stop in and check out the new Bike Friday folding bikes.

folding bikes.


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