5 Reasons to Use an Elliptical Trainer In Your Training Routine

One cardio machine you’ll come across in almost every commercial gym is the elliptical trainer. Ever wondered why? And are they perfect for home use as well? Here are few benefits of an elliptical trainer that make it the ultimate home or gym cardio machine.

A better cardio workout

A person with a fit cardiovascular system has a lower risk of any heart or breathing related issue and can also perform tons of activities like running, trekking and even lifting with greater ease. Using an elliptical machine helps you achieve that by raising your heart rate and help you sweat out the excess fat and toxins. For best results, we’d recommend using a top notch elliptical trainer like the Sole Fitness E95 Elliptical Machine.

It’s an all in one workout

The best part about working out on an elliptical machine is that it mimics the movement of most important cardio movements like running, walking, jogging or even stair climbing thus providing a one-stop solution for all your workouts.

You can adjust the resistance to vary intensity. The top models adjust the difficulty of your workout based on your heart rate readings thus ensuring you enjoy an efficient workout at all times.

Elliptical Trainer 1

It provides a complete workout

A treadmill or spin bike is great if you’re a runner or cyclist and need to strengthen your lower body muscles but for losing weight an elliptical is ideal because it engages both lower and upper body muscles.

Each time you move forward your chest and calf muscles are engaged and when going backward your back and hamstring muscle is engaged plus you can throw in a few dumbbell workouts in intervals for a more efficient routine and leaving the handlebars grills the core.

Perfect for all ages

The elliptical trainer like most cardio machines is also low impact workout and thus the perfect machine for your older parents to get a good workout to stay in shape and strengthen weaker joints and muscles such as the knees, ankles, hamstrings etc.

These trainers also come with an emergency stop button and provide important data during workouts like the heart rate for added safety.

It’s easy to maintain and use

The elliptical trainer is one cardio machine that values for money not only because it’s easy to use, a fun way to stay fit and works out every muscle in the body but also because it’s fairly easy to maintain and use as compared to other cardio machines.

Most elliptical trainers can be folded and put away when not in use. Also, since it requires minimal moving parts the repair and maintenance cost is low too. The high-end machines come with a lifetime warranty and if maintained and used correctly will last you an entire lifetime.

Elliptical Trainer 2

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